Philip Hammershøi

Working on this website and a bit of me

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The days i've worked on this website has probably been the most fruitful days when it comes to learning to coordinate the web of coding. I now know how to use all the basic coding tags like div, nav, header, a, href and img. Furthermore i have had plenty of time to play more around with flex, and let me tell you, it is my favourite css tag right now. The way it allows me to move the web boxes around makes everything infinitely more easy.

I plan to show more of my work here, like my character biographies and fantasy worlds that i create. This website will show my future work aswell, so keep your eyes peeled!

If you have any ideas or changes you think i should make, let me know on my email below. But to be clear, it doesn't mean i will change anything, but i might. ^^